10 avril 2012

Red Bottom Shoes Advises: Ten Shoes That Every Woman Must Have

CONSIDERING that Mr. Louboutin recently celebrated twenty years of fashion action magazine "Glamour" has decided to talk with the king of high heels and make a list of ten types of shoes that are "must have" in every woman's life.

We all know that his creations reflect the sex appeal of shoes, a red sole, which is their trademark protection, it leaves a striking impression and sends a clear message to others. His shoes just scream: "I am successful." As Christian said, see themselves:

Flat sandals

"Whenever I visit a foreign country, be sure to pay attention to the artifacts. Fabric on these sandals woven by blind priests of Egypt. When I designed these shoes, I had in mind Brigitte Bardot. In the sixties she was a symbol of freedom that comes with wearing very little in the foot. "

Boots to exit

"The boots increase the confidence of women because, wearing them, they feel that their feet are protected. But mine are made of lace, so you still detect a little more. I noticed a girl who they iskombinirala with short denim shorts and she looked beautiful. More I always see my new shoes to walk down the street next to me. "

Shoes with open toes in skin color

"Every woman has to have shoes in color with a high heel. If good hitting an tone, the shoes are merged with the silhouette. If you want to emphasize cleavage, it is good to have shoes that" disappear "because in this case will not be distracting.

Classic pumps

"Recently in my shop went very elegant woman who has tried" Pigalle "model. Liked her, but she was convinced that they look like a whore. Of course this was not true - it was about that much from her usual style. Later, they tried very sexy woman who has decided to make it elegant. "

Shoes with straps

"These shoes are dedicated to Kate Moss. She enjoys to wear shoes with straps that crisscross above. Tensioning belts remind me of shoes to dance, draw attention to the leg that I love most - the foot arch. High, thin heels changes the way a woman's posture, it obliges to be more aware of their bodies, and therefore radiates in particular. "

Flat shoes

"To be honest, I designed them first only for men. It did not seem to get them and women want to wear. So the female colleagues began asking about them that I had to put them in the women's collection. I know that sounds awful style and sellers have say it really looks good with jeans. Ballet shoes are very soft, so it is necessary to have a different mindset to wear these shoes. It's louder, zatvorenijoj variants. "

Shoes with attitude

"Sometimes you want to express my position, and this is the perfect shoe for it. Plus, will protect you from any form of aggression. I thought about it during the design, but now I see that this is also the shoes and weapons. I think it would be perfect for Tina Turner and her performances. "

Classic boot

"The model that fits all types of feet is absolutely necessary for everyone. This model has a stretchy laces, and even though you might have every bit on a diet, you know that you will still fit perfectly. Really, there is no difference between designing designing shoes and boots, just about a different technique. When designing a collection of never thinking about the restrictions of production - it would be too restrictive. For every problem there is a solution. "

Ankle boots

"Belle is a model that extends to the ankle, but it does not cover. It is a very simple design, but I have not heard any woman who owns them saying that they can live without. Function because of proportionality, a line drawn between the legs and feet. I do rehearsals in three different models - one that has a high arch, another who has flat feet and the third with a straight ankle. This means that my shoes fit every foot type. What I love most about this model is rounded top that goes with almost everything. "

Huge heel

"I recently sang the song" Is not No Mountain High Enough ", but I have the word" mountain "was replaced with a heel. There is no heel that is too high, at least we say so my customers. Daffodil is the highest heel shoe which is now building - high Sixteen platform of five centimeters. This model shows cleavage fingers. the reason for the so called, and the intent is to remind people of the first two cleavage: cleavage breasts and butt. shoes are covered with crystals. Perfect if you are bored, not located next to the fireplace or the sea. You can watch crystals deep and so entertaining for hours! "


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