10 avril 2012

Red Bottom Shoes Sex 120

We talked for a few days ago Smoking Prada shoes, which had the distinction of playing on the same shoe a picture of a female mouth busy smoking a cigarette with a lot of smoke now coming from a Christian Louboutin 'idea very similar but even more imaginative : make a word with two shoes, albeit brief, but very significant; There are 3 letters suffice it to compose the word "Sex", but who is to compose only by combining the two shoes together. The decollettes Louboutin have a heel of 12 cm, and are obviously made of fine leather.... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2012

Red Bottom Shoes Advises: Ten Shoes That Every Woman Must Have

CONSIDERING that Mr. Louboutin recently celebrated twenty years of fashion action magazine "Glamour" has decided to talk with the king of high heels and make a list of ten types of shoes that are "must have" in every woman's life. We all know that his creations reflect the sex appeal of shoes, a red sole, which is their trademark protection, it leaves a striking impression and sends a clear message to others. His shoes just scream: "I am successful." As Christian said, see themselves: Flat sandals "Whenever I visit a foreign... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2012

Trendy shoes metal spikes: the aggressive toe cap for spring 2012

Shoes with metal spikes back in fashion again this spring. The metallic toe shoes were the undisputed protagonists of the nineties, so that if he could not anymore. When something becomes so hard to come tendency to excess, it ends up no longer stand it and deny it. But after a while 'returns, as always. This is the history of fashion and this time it is for shoes with metal spikes, the new trend of the spring season. Come back into fashion shoes with metal spikes as they are back in fashion this winter the mary janes, shoes... [Lire la suite]
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